Non-Nursing Theory Discussion

Part I: Posting of power point presentation
a) send your file to the faculty by midnight on April 13, 2010; however the sooner the better
Part II: Discussion - 5%
a) To receive full points for the discussion board each student must view and post responses to the presentation within their grouping.

Acceptable responses do not include "That sounds good" or "That was really interesting!"
b) The group who 'owns' the presentation are responsible for answering any questions that may be posted
(this means all group members are responsible for checking the pages before they are closed. If there is a question posted and not answered this may be reflected in the grade).
c) Discussion must be completed by midnight on April 17, 2010
Part III: Presentation grading - 10%
a) This is done by the faculty according to the power point guidelines. The discussion board and the presentation together make up the grade.
Part IV: Posting of Group Comments

a) The facilitator for the group will post a summary about their discussion by April 18, 2010 in the discussion tab on the Home page.

1) Click on your appropriate group page
2) Open each linked presentation to view - make some notes to help guide your comments. Use the following questions:
a) Does the presentation show the origins of the theory and provide a short definition?
b) Does the presentation cite research completed with the theory?
c) Can this theory be applied to nursing and personal nursing practice?